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About us

FAME – The beginning
In the spring of 1996 FAME produced its very first Show Choir Competition in Branson Missouri. With a young and enthusiastic staff and with the help of renowned choral music composers, Kirby Shaw, Roger Emerson and John Jacobson, This event was billed as the National Championship for Show Choirs. Admittedly, we were a little green when it came to fully understanding what producing a Show Choir event was all about. We did catch the fever of show choir however and since producing our very first Show Choir Competition in Branson, Missouri, FAME Events has now become the world leader in Show Choir competition production. With eight national and international competitions, from Hollywood’s historic Orpheum theater to New York City’s world renowned Lincoln Center or Orlando’s Hard Rock Live to London’s West End. FAME has been there providing an unforgettable performance and educational experience to thousands of student performers each year.

FAME’s World-Class Venues
The show choir festival venue has always been a trademark of FAME’s Show Choir competitions. We have taken competitions out of high school auditoriums and gyms and placed them appropriately in a venue that both educates and inspires our participants to aspire for excellence. Our participants perform on the same stage as the world’s best entertainers. Historic venues like the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles or the Genesee Theater in Chicago area hosted ageless acts like Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder and contemporary acts like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance. The Hard Rock Live has featured famous rock bands including Counting Crows, Lady Antebellum, Back Street Boys, Peter Frampton, Earth Wind and Fire, and many more. Jazz at the Lincoln Center, the Arie Crown Theater, Manhattan Center Studios all feature world-class entertainment including world-renowned soloists and jazz acts, Broadway musical theater, symphonic orchestras, and on and on. These venues have what it takes to provide the very best performance experience for both the participant and the fans.

FAME and the Show Choir National Championship Series
Even though since 1996 FAME has promoted the Show Choir Cup as the National Championship, it was not until 2011 that a complete Show Choir National Championship Series was introduced. This new format not only provided a National Championship event for Show Choirs but a means to qualify for this event. Show Choirs register to participate in one of a series of six regional competitions to determine the National Finalists. The National Finalists then receive a bid for participation in the National Championships. In 2011 this event took place in Indianapolis. Show Choirs were not charged to participate which allowed most all of the finalists to make the trip to Indianapolis to compete for the Title of Show Choir National Champion and the Show Choir Cup. This event received the overwhelming support of both students and teachers and was a successful first year. Chicago hosted the 2012 National Championships and with a few improvements to the format the Show Choir Finals were an even greater success. In 2013, the event will again be hosted in Chicago at the Arie Crowne Theater on August 26-27.

FAME In The Media
USA Today, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, BBC, Parade Magazine, Oprah and countless local and regional media outlets have done stories about FAME and Show Choir. It seems everyone is finally starting to catch on to the fact that the most entertaining act in school is Show Choir. What most don’t realize is that it takes countless hours to reach the level of performance that is common at a FAME event. Whenever we are contacted by the media we make very clear that we are committed to providing the very best competition environment for our talented students and directors but the credit for this wave of popularity in Show Choir really belongs to them. Without committed teachers and talented students this simply would not happen.

FAME Custom World-Wide Performance Tours
In addition to providing the world’s best show choir competitions, FAME also specializes in Show Choir Performance Travel. One of our directors has said that “I have been with many different travel companies on trips around the world. After working with FAME I can’t imagine going with some other company. They truly understand travel and together with their expertise on show choir, it makes for an incredibly smooth and enjoyable tour.” FAME specializes in all genres but especially show choir travel to destinations all over the world. We will combine the finest elements of travel with and incredible performance experience resulting in an experience of a lifetime for each participant.

FAME Executive Team

Look for Show Choir International which will take place every 2 years. This international show choir festival will provide participants with an additional year to prepare for an incredible Show Choir Competition unlike any other. In 2014 FAME presents “Show Choir International at London’s West End”. 2016 will be Show Choir International – China. These events will feature top US Choirs and international Show Choirs.


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